I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. My work is with adults and couples who seek help for relationship concerns, depression, anxiety, attention deficits, substance use/abuse, problems related with where they are in life, and many other questions that come up in daily life. Different people have different stories. Different stories bring up different questions. Psychotherapy or counseling sessions are conversations about what is on your mind, your stories, your questions, your fears, your desires. An open and honest dialogue is possible in an atmosphere of listening and thinking. Our sessions are private and confidential.

I offer a safe therapeutic space that facilitates creative solutions for all those events that can be changed and so your life can improve. I listen and offer support for those events that are difficult to change. This is not a place of judgment or criticizing. It is a place of healing with its ups and downs, hope, and discovery.

If you believe that time has come to explore these matters, contact me and we can talk on the phone about the best options available to you and perhaps begin working together.

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Enika Cocoli Bowen, PhD           
Clinical Psychology

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